The new EU Regulation for Data Protection changes everything…. or does it?

I was having lunch with an old colleague today who was convinced that the new EU Regulation due to come effective in 2015 or 2016 was going to change everything! What’s more nothing is decided, so everything is floating in the air…. Don’t panic. First the EU Regulation will be based on a foundation of Continue Reading

Privacy and Integrity of Patient data is HOT!

There has been quite some debate over the replacement of the patient journal system in Region Skåne in Sweden. I’ve been thinking about patient journal systems in general and the challenges with patient confidentiality. How important is it that patient data is secured and its confidentiality enforced? I guess it depends how sick you are, Continue Reading

Nordic Security Summit 2014

There is a great conference coming up in Stockholm on 5th November. Apart from the fact I am speaking there, I will be in the company of a great speaker lineup. Last year was very good! If you want to go, you can register here ( Look forward to seeing you there. I will probably Continue Reading

The rights of Swedish residents should override the rights of the data controller

I took this from Panopticon Blog concerning the outcome of the Google order. Now what if the rights of the Swedish citizen was to be escalated to the EU courts, would the outcome be the same? “The first question for the CJEU was whether Google was a data controller for the purposes of Directive 95/46. Continue Reading

In Sweden 6 of 10 digits of personal ID is public by law

This makes you vulnerable to identity theft. Swedish residents have no legal right to protect their personal identifying information (PII) which includes the first 6 digits of the 10 digits (AAMMDD-xxxx) of Swedish IDs. Except is if you have a protected identity. Following is the response I received from one of the credit reporting agencies Continue Reading