Safe Habor

Without adding to the excitement and dismay rippling across the EU and the US concerning this verdict I thought I’d post a few articles written by privacy experts on IAPP on what they think. They are easy reading and informative. Have fun, the opinions are mixed as you will find out! Continue Reading

The new EU Regulation for Data Protection changes everything…. or does it?

I was having lunch with an old colleague today who was convinced that the new EU Regulation due to come effective in 2015 or 2016 was going to change everything! What’s more nothing is decided, so everything is floating in the air…. Don’t panic. First the EU Regulation will be based on a foundation of Continue Reading

Where is your id…..your Swedish identity?

64 thousand Swedish identities were hijacked in 2013. Population of Sweden is today around 9,5 million. This means that the crime of identity fraud impacted around 0,8 percent of the Swedish population. “So what, that’s nothing?” You are thinking…. Nevertheless this is almost 1 in a 100 of Swedish residents who have been a victim Continue Reading

The rights of Swedish residents should override the rights of the data controller

I took this from Panopticon Blog concerning the outcome of the Google order. Now what if the rights of the Swedish citizen was to be escalated to the EU courts, would the outcome be the same? “The first question for the CJEU was whether Google was a data controller for the purposes of Directive 95/46. Continue Reading

Simplified and stronger data protection rules in the EU

We are getting some really interesting happening in the EU when it comes to revolutionising the EU Directive on Data Protection. Thanks to the summary provided by Panoticon blog. The Memo from the European Commission, that has been approved, gives the following reforms that will make doing business simpler for EU companies, and they are Continue Reading