Update on revisions to EU directive on Data Protection

I missed this, progress on the new EU directive on data protection and implications on Safe Habor on the excellent Panopticon blog.  To summarize seems they need to trash what has already been created and start again. Germany in the driving seat now, I think, which means there should be some action. Nevertheless excepted completion Continue Reading

So which law applies?

Now this is a really interesting legal case. Facebook has a marketing and advertising business established as a separate legal entity in Germany. In December 2012, the Schleswig DPA issued orders against Facebook Inc. in the U.S. and Facebook Ltd. in Ireland, in which the DPA demanded that Facebook allow its German users to use Continue Reading

Dilemmas – increased Internet surveillance in wake of Oslo tragedy

This is the dilemma, to increase surveillance in the name of personal safety or to not do this as it violates our right to personal privacy? Remember what happened after the terror attacks on the twin towers in New York? A whole host of privacy invading legislation was passed in the U.S., that now requires Continue Reading

Your right to opt-out of Google's Street View service

I love what is going on in Germany during a few months now, in that almost 250,000 Germans have told Google to blur pictures of their homes on the Street View service. Which is quite right. The EU directive on data privacy gives the data subject the right to consent to any personal information being Continue Reading