There’s starting to be a bit of a flurry here in Sweden with the upcoming new Regulation.
One of the communications I received last week was concerning the fact that here in Sweden our personal data, including our ID is considered public information. This will not be the case once the Regulation comes into effect. What I find funny (you know the funny, not-so-funny British humour ;-)) is that those I talk to here think this is new in the Regulation, but it’s not. It is included in the Directive of today, just not implemented as law here in Sweden.
This is going to require significant work to get compliance in Sweden, especially the way our personal data is sold with the use of ‘utgivningsbevis’ without the consent of the data subject. In fact it is impossible for data subjects in Sweden to remove their personal data from public viewing!
Hurry up new Regulation so I can get my personal data removed from, and… just to name a few!

6 thoughts on “Sweden is going to have fun with the new Data Protection Regulation”

  1. So once GDPR comes into effect we need to ask these sites to remove our personal data? So they will not remove it automagically? Is this the only country so foolishly transparent with personal data of people living here?!

  2. Hello, where can i find the new data protection regulation as a text ? I would like to write to all this companies like etc and quote this new reguation … then asking to remove my private data ! Thanks 🙂

  3. Sweden is a stupid country. I tell others to think more than once before they considering moving here.
    It’s a complete mess of burocracy and annoyances.

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