Virtual Shadows is the name of the first book I published in 2009. I set up the blog in January 2007 to help me think and collect material… writing in itself gave me clarity in my thinking, just as when you need to explain a concept to another person in order to articulate it on paper, this is how this blog worked for me. Blogging became important for me again when writing my second book during the 2 years leading to 2018 when it was published (just before the GDPR came into force).

In-between there have been busy and less busy activity blogging. When I was building the information security consulting organisation for Hewlett-Packard in the Nordics, I was more focused on growing as a manager and leader than in expanding my subject matter expertise in privacy per se. When I was setting up Privasee in 2015, at least when recruitment started (2016), I was back to many managing staff, which I am incredibly bad at… and I take my hat off to the HR specialists.. I had seriously underestimated the difficultly of their role. This is a job I am not equipped to undertake, even though I have an MBA, it doesn’t help at all; in that I care too much.

As an entrepreneur, I have created products which are loved by our customers, and we have customers in Fortune 100 companies same in SMBs (small, medium). I am proud of this, although deeply humbled knowing now the type of skills needed in order to have survived the GDPR gold rush in the shark invested territory for a start-up with new ideas. Looking back with hindsight, there is so much I would have done differently to protect both Privasee and myself from harm. We are still in the process of cleaning up the debris after the storm.

On myself, I was born in 1963, and now getting close to the big 60. I’m not young anymore. At the moment of writing this I still don’t know if I will die rich or poor. My life has been interesting. Although I was born and raised in UK, since 1996 I have lived in France, Switzerland and Sweden. I have worked for Cern, Novell and Hewlett-Packard before creating my first startup in 2013 when I turned 50 years. I live on an island in Stockholm’s Archipelago. I have 2 children and a grandchild. A son living in China with his Chinese wife and daughter, and daughter of 9 years. My life to-date has been rich and turbulent, which gives me loads to write about.

I actually have a hobby nowadays, and this is training military dogs. FM Nicaia is my first, and has proved to be a reliable running partner. I am sure she has been instrumental in mending what broke in my brain when I burnt out 3 years ago. Just in May 2019, I took out my running shoes for the first time since 2016, and it feels great!

Whether I die rich or poor, what I have achieved is to be an appreciated author, and expert in on important field within human rights. I have created products which our customers love. This and the desire to travel, were my dreams when I was a child; who just loved to read and dared to dream.