Facebook fined €1.2 m in Spain

Facebook (FB, -2.34%) collects data on people’s ideologies and religious beliefs, sex and personal tastes—from its own services and those of third parties—without clearly telling its users what it will do with this information. Read more here. “In a statement, Facebook claimed the Spanish data protection authority (DPA) was wrong to say it showed people advertising based Continue Reading

SARs ex-employee fishing expeditions

An interesting post by By Sarah Thompson, employment lawyer, McGuireWoods. By Sarah Thompson, employment lawyer, McGuireWoods. SARs are often used by employees or former employees as a “fishing expedition” to obtain information in the context of disciplinaries, grievances and litigation, rather than for verifying/correcting their personal data. Previous court decisions have held that making an SAR in this Continue Reading

GDPR panic?

There is a mad GDPR panic now. All those companies which haven’t started, or started very late, i.e. end of 2017 or beginning of 2018 are starting to realise that GDPR is not about security, or about fixing the privacy notice, or even responding to the rights of the data subject. It’s much more. It’s Continue Reading